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 Tournament Rules

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PostSubject: Tournament Rules   Tournament Rules Icon_minitimeWed Nov 28, 2007 11:00 pm

  1. - cheats (wallhack - aimbot) are not allowed in tournament (directly ban) )
  2. - take care with your words.. No specs during game , players can talk teamchat (never in global mode.. with admin exception) and ts is allowed
  3. - fc tournament disable the panzer (panzer are not allowed)
  4. - the games can be recorded for players of teams/clan , this demos can be uploaded in some forum and can be downloaded for others
  5. - all clans/teams need choose one referee , this referee has responsability of final result score. (the referees can't be of the teams that play at same moment)
  6. - a war it's 4 rounds in dm
  7. - a war in obj it's 4 rounds but type sw (so 8 round but 2 count for one point)
  8. - a war in dm it's 5 vs 5
  9. - a war in obj it's 6 vs 6
  10. - a victory are 2 points
  11. - a draw are 1 point
  12. - a defeat are 0 point
  13. -a round is like a goal (if you have 20pts and the other clan too you are the first if you have more difference between round win and round lose)
  14. - every referee must record a demo. he must keep it on his computer untill the end of the tournament.
  15. - After every war the referees have to send at the Admin (mdluig@hotmail.com) the result of the war and all things strange: example, they think that one player cheat...if it's the case, they have to send at the Admin the demo of this player. (This mail adress it's an MSN adress too Wink )
  16. - If one referee don't go to the war this team have a penality of 3 points!
  17. - If you come with 15 min too late you lose, with 10min one round of penality.
  18. - Between rounds you can change players but just between rounds.
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Tournament Rules
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